Poll (Closed): Unedited version?

Everyone loves poll!    

Hi guys,

The poll here is to determine whether I should post the unedited version or not. I read comments people requesting me to post unedited version.

Previously, I posted the unedited version because I didn’t have editor at that time. There were a lot of grammar mistakes, weird structure of sentence and others. Some also said they rather wait for cleaned version so they don’t have to read twice.

But, let me reconsider again based on this poll and what my editor thinks. Just so you know, if people want me to post unedited version, the next chapter won’t come sooner though. I usually take one day rest after I finish translating a chapter. In other words, it’s still going to take me four to five days to translate a chapter. It’s pretty much pointless IMO unless you guys think differently.

Oh well, no more talk, let the poll begin (for a day)! BRB, going to sleep now. XD



Hello guys, I would like to say thanks for those who participated in this polls. It’s really encouraging. The result is about 50-50.

I’ve been thinking for few days about this and I’ve decided not to release unedited version. As I have mentioned above and based on reader’s comments, I have to admit that releasing unedited version won’t make the whole process getting faster. It’s pretty much the same as it will take 4 to 7 days to release a chapter.

Second, I already have editor(s). I think we all should appreciate their effort in editing my (not so good) work (>_<). If I release the unedited version, half of the readers will read it and those readers may not appreciate editor’s effort. Let’s be fair to them because I’m not doing this alone. We are working for this together. 😀

Alright, time to work hard again! 😀

20 thoughts on “Poll (Closed): Unedited version?

  1. Lunati4ko

    Guys you realize that this won’t allow you to read chapters any faster, right? Since baya can translate while the chapter gets edited.


      1. tyizor

        Yes, but how *early* you get a chapter is not the same thing as how *fast* chapters are received. They’ll be churned out at the same speed regardless of your choice, but for one you’ll just get it a day earlier (and at a lower quality).

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      2. Windsgrace

        I really don’t want an unedited version unless it is replaced after it is edited. I am an editor for another blog. Seeing work that is unedited makes me feel like I am looking at something incomplete. Besides even if the release is slightly faster do you really want to look at an unfinished work? It would drive me nuts. I rather wait 6 hours for a better product. That is just me and my rant.

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  2. Torablue

    I you ask me, reading an unedited version is similar to reading spoiler before manga release.
    Many people want to read it, many people don’t want to. (That’s why there’s no big gap in the poll)
    If they don’t want to read it, then don’t open the page.
    If someone protest about the unedited version, to me, it is like someone posts “don’t post spoiler please” in a spoiler forum.

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  3. redroajs1

    Why bother posting twice? Just post once. I think it’ll be less confusing and if any new readers come they won’t think this is a site without editors. 🙂


    1. Kim

      He just posts it once. All he has to do is copy&paste the edited text over the old one. It just takes a couple of seconds.


  4. Rempeyeksedap3991

    Reading edited version is better i guess…because once unedited version is posted there no garante it will be reedited…this proven because there not enough editer for this wn…and people hate extra work…i think the problem is the scedule…once a week relese is great…but because there lot more time left before the sceduled post..pople get lazy


  5. @ndy

    My mind autofixes every mistake it sees be it sentence or half the chapter, so i dont really care with that said ill ceny my voting right, and its nôt like i dont have anything else to do fór those 2 extra days…


  6. REMember

    I don’t mind both but I choose “Don’t post unedited ver” since you already have editor
    since you’re a team now. just wait 2-3 days for editor to finish his/her work and post complete ver.
    …..Like seriously one ch. a week isn’t fast enough ?

    Buuuuut~ depends on poll result ,right ? no matter which side wins ,the result is fine for me xD


  7. Disguy

    Wow, just wow. Defiring releases 1 fucking chapter and all the kiss-asses over there are already talking the world of shit on someone else’s efforts. All of these brown-nosing “quality” connoisseurs worshiping someone who throws them a bone once every few months that they can’t even enjoy cuz they’re still waiting for the previous bone from the guy whose always MIA and obviously couldn’t care less. Who gives a shit if your interpretation is slightly different from someone else’s? It doesn’t affect the readers’ ability to follow the story so I see no reason why you must shit all over someone else’s effort just so you can claim your work as “quality”, that’s just low. I’d much rather read from the guy who has a lot more motivation, zeal and good (unpaid)work ethic who releases chapters regularly and is humble about it. Rant over.


    1. Disguy

      Rant cont.
      I mean, how are these readers even able to appreciate the “difference in quality” if they CAN’T EVEN FUCKING READ JAPANESE and need someone to translate in the first place?
      Rant officially over.

      Also, sorry for cussin’.


      1. bayabusco Post author

        Hey, thanks for your words 😀

        I actually wanted to reply to them but then I think it’s kind of hassle to do it. I don’t mind people say this is MTL work but I’m not sure anyone who has no idea about Japanese language can translate it using MTL.

        I would like you guys to try MTL this using translation aggregator. It has multiple MTL but each of them give either gibberish words or different meanings from each other. I don’t just take whichever the best but I looked the meaning of each Japanese character. Saying my work purely MTL’ed is weird lol.


      2. Disguy

        Idk what qualifies as MTL but I’ve used google translate and excite translator in unison to read Arifureta 128-196 and all 60 odd chapters of pervert healer so far. It legit gave me a temporary case of dyslexia T-T
        I survived however, and now I have great appreciation for all forms of translation.
        Just keep doing you fam, we’re all here to support 🙂


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