Poll for Reese name

Please decide for me 😀    


Hello everyone,

After reading comments about Reese name, I found out that some readers may want to change the name to Wreath and others don’t want to. I’m going to let the readers decide. The poll will be opened for a day.

Please decide what you want and I’ll follow the final decision for the rest of chapters. Don’t forget to allow polldaddy.com from your Noscript plugin.

Thank you 😀

 Testing color

Edit 1: I guess the result is clear. I’m going to maintain Reese name. Thank you for voting guys!


32 thoughts on “Poll for Reese name

    1. SaintLucifer Ithdiwhedabra

      When I think on the names I can help think bad reasons for the name Wreath where as Reese nothing but good ones for example:

      Wreath when I think this name I think of the Christmas Wreath everyone hangs on they’re door during Christmas to attract people to house. Then when it is thoroughly used and worn out it is torn out in the next days trash or burned.

      Where as Reese reminds me of Reese’s Peanut butter candies sweet, lovely and most important loved by most.

      Now I am sure Mister or Young Miss translator wouldn’t be one of those people to cruelly start/continually calling someone such hateful name such as Wreath, and much rather opt to the better more appropriate name Reese.

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  1. spanglishtranslationsblog

    Any way is fine, the name Reese is the one we are accustomed to but if the author is changing it then it might as well be better of we get used to it. After reading it many times the new name will eventually replace the name Reese in our heads.


  2. kingofmangonia

    honestly wreath doesn’t sound like a name ._. it keeps making me think of wrath, and Reese is too cute to be like that

    if anything, i feel like Ritsy would be a good replacement because if i remember correctly it was rit-su in japanese? (idk i forget things ;-;)


  3. Qalem

    Reese is nice name for girls. Example: Reese Witherspoon (the American actress)
    Never heard of “wreath” being used as a name before. Sounds unlady-like and full of angst. “FEEL MY WREATH!!!”


  4. fuyukailnt

    I think it’s better to switch to Liz, or keep using Reese instead of Wreath. That name sounds kinda weird you know ._.


  5. Windsgrace

    Feel the Wreath! lol Her name sounds…dangerous. xD Perhaps when she is in the castle (if ever again) her subjects might call her that, That might just might be ok. A new name for a new life that she herself wanted for herself. Her given name might be Wreath but she changed it to Reese. Perfect for readers and Reese herself who wants a fresh start. ^^


      1. blade-kun

        What I mean is that Wreath isn’t specified to be the real name or her alias for School/friends.
        I saw the illustrations, but:

        Reese = Wreath and Faeris = undetermined
        Or Faeris = Wreath and Reese = undetermined ?

        Until you know for sure, you are free to keep Reese for the nickname.


      2. vandal

        who da hell think of that name!? seriously! if its a japanese person, they sure have a long way of giving sense of a person’s name in english. They should stick to their japanese naming sense. Its unique in their own way.


  6. Mr. Foxxie

    Her full name is フェアリス (Fearisu). It sounds like japanese pronunciation of “Fairies” and I don’t think Wreath (which could be a proper name itself) should be a shortened version for it.

    Riese or Reese is still acceptable.


    1. cahcuy

      Well, based on Mr. Foxxie her full name is Fearisu, so If I’m to choose to pick which one for her nickname (well, we got her name when she’s introducing herself to Emilia as Reese/Wreath on chapter 41) I rather choose Reese is better name rather than Wreath


  7. Peanut Sarcasm

    Wreath? Whats that? Is it tasty?

    I would cry for sure
    If that poor lil girl get named Wreath
    What kind of girl would happy get named like that
    Me? Nope im male anyway


  8. OCD Linguistics reader

    Regardless of what readers’ opinion on how it should sound, or how they feel when they read the name…I doubt the author cares about your feelings. You wouldn’t go up to an acquaintance like a coworker and tell them their newborn baby should be this and that, rather than let the parents decide, would you? No, you wouldn’t. No decent respectful human being would, unless you’re an asshole. And doing a quick google search, there’s and estimated 1600 people with the name Wreath in the US; 200 more than for those that voted no to change. It’s not a very popular name, but a legitimate name nonetheless. I’d be insulted, if my name was Wreath, and a Japanese baker wrote “Reese” on my cake, despite having the spelling right in front of them.

    Also, if you’re going to use romanized phonics for names, you should either do it for all the characters… or none, and just use official spellings for all characters. All or nothing. I.e. Reus becoming Lius or something similar. Otherwise, you’re just cherry picking.

    Though not pronounced as it is in English, due to to Japanese language quirks, “Wreath” IS the official spelling–deal with it. It’s no different than the Erina (official) and Elina (pronunciation) situation. For anyone who may not believe me that “Wreath” is the official spelling, you can see for yourself on Amazon..co.jp or google images, as it is shown on the colour illustration spread of volume 3 novel, or just click this link to save you the trouble:


    Zoom in. The image after the cover of a girl with mask in a dress, with the English spelling of her name is right there in front of you. I rest my case.


  9. xias1

    Though I am one year late I got a few questions:

    Why giving the option “Wreath”?
    There was one chapter (I think the first chapter where her real identity was exposed) in which her real name was written as “Felice” which originates from Italian and has the meaning of “Fortunate, Happy”.
    So why wasn’t this name kept as her real name and instead changed to “Faeris”?

    Also her cover name should then be “Liz” as a short version / nickname originating from “Felice”.

    That would have made much more sense than “Wreath” I think.


  10. Cameron

    Thank you for doing a poll. Obviously I’m way to late to vote, but I absolutely agree with the overwhelming results to keep it as Reese.



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