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The Beginning of Enrollment


It would appear that there are very few differences in this world. During the school entrance ceremony, we still listen to speeches from the Headmaster, some alumni, and a some celebrities.

All the freshman are gathered to the school’s largest auditorium where the entrance ceremony of the Elysion School will be held two days after the examination.

I’ve already seen him (in his disguised form), but Headmaster Rodwell is here as himself for the first time for the freshman.

Rodwell is a handsome elf with the physical characteristics of Long ears, pear white skin, and dazzling blond hair. His face is also well structured, so much so that he wouldn’t appear to be someone beyond four hundred years old.

Rodwell is called the Magic master, the best magician in the continent, and he has high aptitude with three attributes; He is only missing the fire attribute.

He holds tremendous magic power, capable of causing a storm, calling a flood, and creating an earthquake; all three erasing everything in its path. Even if he is not good with the fire attribute, he is considered an advance genius in terms of magic. Taking the advantage of elves’ longevity, he had continued to polish himself without becoming arrogant for a few hundred years, and has earned the title of “Strongest Magic Fighter that has become a household name in Melifest.

In fact, there are numerous who apply to the academy who long to catch a glimmer of his grace, and all of the freshmen bear an ecstatic expression when they see him move to begin a speech.

“What do you want to study here in Elysion Academy? It would be different according to each person, but I hope that the teachings here will be used to benefit society. The magic and the technology you learned would be useful at various fields, but in turn, a person can be threatened, and killed; and with magic, this can be done easily. As always, I want you to not forget that.” (Rodwell)

Hmm, regardless of what world we are in, all the headmasters speak for too long.

By the way, after seeing Rodwell’s actual form, I am convinced once more he was that person at that time at the examination. He is probably outrageously powerful, but I don’t think he will become our enemy so I think it’s OK to associate with him moderately.

“Fuwaaa~” (Emilia)

“That’s unusual, are you yawning Emilia?” (Sirius)

“Ah, that’s… I had to stay up late because i wanted to talk with my roommate.” (Emilia)

Emilia stands next to me, looking embarrassed while talking in hushed voice.


Apparently, she seems to get along well with a her roommate. According to her story, her room is a double room, and her companion is human girl who is not wary with beastkin; rather I heard it seems to be the gentle girl who converses intimately with Emilia

“Her name is Reese, and she is a beautiful girl with blue hair.” (Emilia)

“Have you made a friend already? That’s good!” (Sirius)

“Yes! She’s my friend!” (Emilia)

Seeing her laugh without fear, It appears that the student dorm life would be alright. Even if it was only to see her laugh like that, I think it merits coming to this school.

“Aniki, as expected, it’s bad to fall asleep” (Foxkin boy)

“Mmm? Ahh, sorry.” (Reus)

The name of the foxkin boy is Rou, and he appears to be Reus’ underling.

According to Reus’ story, it seems he was a roommate. The first time Rou entered the dormitory, a fight broke out and Rou was thrown out.

“Such a thing… I really am no match for them! Please let me be your underling!” (Rou)

I wouldn’t have bothered with such a troublesome matter if it were me, but since Reus made him promise to be good, Rou was accepted as an underling. When he introduced to me for the first time, he kept quiet, but man, this guy can read the atmosphere, because he won’t be getting close unless it’s necessary.

“Thank you, I am Rou. I have confidence in my agility. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Aniki!” (Rou)

“I’m the only one who can call Aniki, Aniki!” (Reus)

“Hiii! I’m sorry boss Oya-bun (it’s like mafia boss)! Nice to meet you, Oya-bun!” (Rou)

What is this, I’m not sure how, but I got a new underling before the enrollment ceremony was finished.

Also, the building that is my house has been renovated in only two days to the sufficient level where a human can reside there.

I make purchases in a hurry to put a futon and other necessities in there. It has become a splendid house when compared to the original pitiful state. I am currently considering what to do with the available rooms. I’m thinking of remodeling the surroundings gradually while going to school.

“…There are more things to be said. Next, I am going to explain the curriculum at my school. First, for freshmen…” (Rodwell)

To sum up the headmaster speech, he went over the curriculum at this school for the next five years.

The first two years is studying in regular class room with all the subjects. Starting with their third year, students can then choose to learn a specialized field.

Of the four fields in our school, Reus is specialized in swordsmanship department, Emilia is for magic department, and since I’m specialized in magic formation creation, I plan to enter magic engineering department.

“Well then, I think I’m going to let teachers for every field to give a few words. First of all, I would like to invite the earth magic specialist, Magna-sensei.” (Rodwell)

After that, specialist serving as teachers in various fields such as wind (magic) and swordsmanship are being introduced. Suddenly the atmosphere change completely when a man who wore a yellow mantle that contains red and yellow lining entered and stood on the stage.

“I am Gregory, specialized in fire and earth attributes. I’m being an honor noble and talented in double attributes, I am searching for strong nobles for my class. Unlike beastkin, proud nobles should come to my class. I wage my house name and double (attributes) name and I will work hard for this.”

The beastkins frowned their eyebrows while most of the nobles joyfully clap their hand when hearing those words.

What on earth does that man think? He thinks it’s a normal to create a gap between nobles and beastkin, don’t you agree? Do you hate me for being colorless? Are you a typical arrogant man? You have some troubles too Rodwell, to employ such person, right.

“…The bastard who pestered Aniki is this guy?” (Reus)

“During the interview too, there seems to be someone who is always judging us with detestable look, we have to be very careful with them.” (Emilia)

“It’s troublesome since he is considerably powerful noble. I won’t handle this poorly by showing him what’s up my sleeves.” (Reus)

I kept looking at Gregory while calming Reus, who seem going to jump at him at anytime soon. That guy’s eye…where have I seen that?

“Err…Anyway, that’s it and the enrolment ceremony is over. Look at the class arrangement that has been put outside, and please face towards respective departments.” (Rodwell)


Thus, the enrollment is over. No one had any hard feeling when leaving at the end.

Upon exiting the auditorium, a big sign that stands in front of freshmen’s class arrangement has been erected.

But the freshmen’s reactions are vary, some are checking out the classes immediately, some are having a friendly chat, and a lot are asking questioning those who exited late.

I am looking at this view absentmindedly while Reus is confirming my class arrangement.

“There are truly unique people here, isn’t there. This is the only thing that I couldn’t understand while I was in a village and that house.” (Emilia)

Emilia, who stands next to me, is wearing a robe with the school Emblem. Wearing it is mandatory with the exception of practical and special events, and the color of the scarf which sticks to the robe is a proof of the grade in school.

It seems easy to make, but it’s a special robe that is made by the thread of rare magic as raw material. It provides strong protection when supplied with mana that can block knife’s penetration. Wearing the robe is allowed in downtown, and it seems dropping by a store while wearing it can get you some service offers.

“…What’s wrong? Is there anything weird with my dress?” (Emilia)

“No, although wearing maid dress is good, I also think this dress suits you too. Emilia is cute.” (Sirius)

“Really?! I’m happy.” (Emilia)

She runs embarrassedly while waving her long silver hair. Hmmm, she’s cute disciple as it is.

In addition to the physical appearance, the shining silver hair reflects light, and she had attracted various people’s attention by fine chest growth. In fact, several male students are looking at this direction, even female students are fascinated with her shining silver hair.

“Speaking of which… even Reese too? Where is she? I would like to meet her once.” (Sirius)

“It seems she was called back home, and she couldn’t come today.” (Emilia)

“Is it because of substantial problem that makes you not to come to entrance ceremony?” (Sirius)

“I’m not too sure about that. But the person herself is alright, she was laughing and she said she got permission from school.” (Emilia)

“If you say she’s okay, the problem in particular is…” (Sirius)

“Ahh, is it here?”


I would like to meet Reese once as her master and have a talk. Since people are suddenly noisy, I turn around. The teacher who gave me a pass during entrance exam is here…correction, it’s Rodwell in disguised form, standing with smiling face.

“It’s been a while since the interview, isn’t? I’m glad because you guys are able to enter school safely.” (Rodwell)

“Well it’s somewhat safe but from now on, please take care of me. Hmm.. what are you doing here, headmaster?” (Sirius)

First of all, considering that’s guy aim, I spoke by using small voice so that no one can hear.

“As expected, did you notice? I am known Vile (Vairu) when I’m using this form as teacher for freshmen.” (Rodwell/Vile)

Well, I’m also disguising myself intentionally. What a stealthy guy, I wonder, and since Emilia couldn’t notice the situation, she tries to match with the situation.

“Honestly, after you’re finished with your stuff, I have come to apologize.” (Rodwell)

“Appologize? You have made me pass and Vile-sensei has no discontent, right?” (TLN: Sirius means that it’s not a big deal as long as he passed the exam)

“It’s not that, it’s a matter of dormitory. That guy decided selfishly about the place where Sirius-kun would stay while I was away.” (Rodwell)

I think he meant it’s a matter of Gregory. That guy hates beastkin and commoner and since I’m colorless, he hates that fact terribly.

“I miss that when I confirm the arrangement. I’ll withdraw the instruction immediately, and put you into an available room in the dormitory.” (Rodwell)

“No, it’s fine.” (Sirius)

“But, the quite distance from school to that place and that place has become abandoned building.” (Rodwell)

“To tell the truth, I have arranged the place and it has become habitable already. Since the roof went bad, I have already replaced them, is there any more problems?” (Sirius)

“Although, there is no problem, but did you do it in three days?” (Rodwell)

“Yes, because I know some construction skill, I tried to do it even though I’m amateur at it. If you come to apologize, I have one favor to ask, will you hear it?” (Sirius)

“Err, yes… if I can do it, of course.” (Rodwell)

“I would like to have permission to fiddle that house freely. The reason is I don’t want to get complain because of remodeling property at school later on.” (Sirius)

I think if Rodwell doesn’t do it, it’ll probably ok, but judging from his character, this request is not unreasonable. Moreover, if they look it with their eyes, they may come out with suitable reason of illegally remodeling and expel me.

“Understood, since the building will be disposed eventually, please suit yourself. I’m going to circulate a non-intervention order from school.” (Rodwell)

“I’m saved.” (Sirius)

“No no, because for me, it’ll be interesting to see whatever you do. However, we can’t hold our hands out so much on either security or responsibility. Can you accept that?” (Rodwell)

“No problem. I will prepare various things and since I’m a commoner, a matter of getting things stolen is not a problem.” (Sirius)

“It will be a problem if there is theft in the school, please report it properly. However, I don’t want you to overdoing it so much.” (Rodwell)

“I’ll act accordingly.” (Sirius)

When judging from the side, you would see a sight of a student and a teacher having friendly talks, but the contents of their discussion are not that clear.

As conclusion, since that place is mine, it’s not a problem to retaliate if there is a fool attacking without reserve, right? Anyway, it’s in the agreement.

Should I start prepare things immediately from today? I would like to start preparations early because it’s troublesome to create a trap that doesn’t kill.

“Is there a name for the building that becomes home for Sirius-sama?” (Emilia)

“No, there’s nothing in particular. It will be inconvenient if there is no name, so Sirius-kun, what would you like it to be called?” (Rodwell)

“Well.. Diamond cottage (ダイア) please.” (Sirius)

“Hou? Is there any reason for that name?” (Rodwell)

“Diamond is colorless but it is a valuable jewel. It’s a simple idea that I want it.” (Sirius)

“It’s not bad. But I think that Sirius-kun worth is incomparable to diamond. Well then, I will put an official petition. Oh yeah, your homeroom teacher is Magna-sensei and he is directly under my supervision. If there something comes up, please tell me through her, that’s all.” (Rodwell)

Although to name my cottage almost properly, he still easily decided to admire me instead, which i find strange. After he tells what he had intended on telling us, Vile-sensei waves his hand gracefully and leaves. Emilia, who is next to me, smiled and seemed to be in good mood.

“What happened? I think that wasn’t pleasant talk.” (Sirius)

“No, to think there is a person who understood about Sirius-sama. But if it were me, when compared to Sirius-sama, diamonds are no better than you, isn’t that right?” (Emilia)

What kind of existence am I to you? I’d also like to hear, but I stopped since I will get an obvious response.

After waiting for a few moments, Reus pops out of the crowd and screams at us with smiling face.

“Aniki! Onee-chan! We will be together (in the class)!” (Reus)

That’s good. Though it’s a good thing to know the person in charge, it feels like there is an instruction coming from headmaster himself on the matter of class arrangement. Oh well, since three of us will be together, I won’t have any complaint.

I calm Reus who is so jumping delightfully, we go to the designated class.

Freshmen are divided into several classes named after a great person and each class consists of around thirty students.

The classroom is a fan shaped room, and the desks are made like a university in the previous existence where it’s one step higher compare to another.

But when we entered the classroom, it became quiet suddenly.

“Hee…what a splendid and wide room. Where should we sit down, Onee-chan?” (Reus)

“Everywhere should be good. Sirius-sama, that seats are available.” (Emilia)

Despite the awkwardness of the silent class, those two don’t mind and just go to the seats.

The surrounding students are speaking in low voice, and what reach my ear is just about me being colorless and incompetent. I think it probably got leaked from the nobles who took the exam with me, but since my true ability will be exposed eventually, I don’t worry about it.

Such questions like my social standing or how can I come to school, those are endless questions about me when come to school and walk openly.

“Aniki, can I beat them (The rude classmates)?” (Reus)


“It’s all right, I understood after they say it once.” (Emilia)

“Yes, yes, please calm down. Since I’m not worry about it, you guys don’t need to worry also.” (Sirius)

In the first place, why discriminate against the colorless? Since magic isn’t the reason why it can’t be used, just throw it out of chest like a bamm and it’s all good.

When I take an available seat properly, the siblings sit down unwillingly next to me. There seems to be an absolute rule where Emilia will sit on my left and Reus is on my right, interposing me and they always doing it casually.

After we sat down, the surrounding students began to sit down while chatting, and before long, slowly it matches the specified number of students for this class.

Looking at the ratio of human to beastkin, is it half-and-half?

There are not many nobles can be found and the students who commoner are gathered in this class, I think?

Male and female ratio are also fifty-fifty, when they rest their elbows and waiting for the teacher in charge, three boys appeared in front of us.

“Excuse me, that lady with silver hair. What is your name?” (??)

“Do you mean my sister?” (Reus)

“Shut up, you beastkin! Right now, Mark-sama is speaking, don’t interrupt!” (Servant)

Reus was a bit earlier than the person himself, but he was scolded by a kid that looks like a servant.

While calming Reus that tries to retort, I observe that we and those three are almost at same age. Nevertheless, the red hair kid at center is elegance good looking child, and it won’t probably different with other nobles. The kid with red hair display a calm pose, but the two furious servants at the back are despising us completely.

Since Emilia is looking to me, I gave a nod, hinting her to do whatever she wants.

“My name is Emilia. Excuse me, but who are you?” (Emilia)

“You bastard! It’s rude not to know who is Mark-sama!” (Servant)

“Calm down. My name is Mark Holtia. I am the second son of proud Holtia family who will become respected noble eventually.” (Mark)

The man who introduced himself as Mark bowed gracefully. Hmmm, unlike his servants, this man seems to esteem politeness. Since the nobles who we have met so far are mostly arrogant, this one is unusual.

“What kind of business do you have with me, Mark-sama?” (Emilia)

“Emilia……it’s very pretty name. And that brilliant silvery hair, you are very beautiful. Would you like to become my attendant?” (Mark)

“I refuse.” (Emilia)

“Mark-sama is give a direct invitation to a beastkin… wait, what did you say?” (Servant)

“I refuse.” (Emilia)

Before the servants finished speaking, Emilia decided on the spot by splendid business-like smile.

“Deciding in spur of moment… Mark-sama, let’s make them realize that compulsion is called a viewpoint here.” (Servants)

“Fuuu…you guys, be silent! I thought it won’t go easily but may I know the reason?” (Mark)

“There is already a person whom I will serve for the rest of my life. Since that being the case, I refused.” (Emilia)

“Is your master… the one who next to you?” (Mark)

“Yes, that’s right. Sirius-sama is my master.” (Emilia)

Emilia called me to stand and revered both of her hands, and Mark is judging this by how it look, he looks at me and give a slight bow.

“I am not a noble. She yearns for me voluntarily and called me master.”

“The affection towards master is commoner’s habit? Don’t joke around, give an order fast to this girl and present it to Mark-sama!” (Servant)

“Wait, think about it, isn’t this guy the rumored colorless?” (Mark?)

That word stirred the surroundings. I want to hear the rumor about me being colorless too, but I think surrounding people are not listening clearly because of first meeting (in class). But I understood when the students are looking and listening to us here.

“That’s right, I am not aware about rumor or anything but I’m colorless, so what about it?” (Sirius)

“Hah, Mark-sama already have learned [Flame Lance]. Why there is a incompetent which can’t even do beginner level (of magic) satisfactorily at such place!” (Servant)

“I think maybe he put money under the table. Do you have such money?” (Servant)

A thirst of blood are overflowing from both my side but the servants don’t really notice the situation. While I hold down their heads, I am openly despised in the eyes’ of these servants.

“Unless, if this Mark-sama says about it, I think you guys as a servants have no right to say anything?” (Emilia)

“What did you say, bastard! Although we’re a servant, don’t you know that we’re a noble?” (Servants)

“Even if [Flame Lance] is not usable, it won’t be the reason that my master can’t enter the school, in addition, what’s the use of it if it’s not for the master?” (Emilia)

“What’s so bad about telling wonderful things about your master? We are the servant of Mark-sama forever!”

“An absolute servants who can’t follow the master’s order, what kind of thing is that? Mark-sama was telling about it a short while ago, you guys, be silent…and…” (Emilia)

Those two servants are unable to rebut, so they can only stared hatefully.

“That’s it. As she what she said, you guys don’t seem to understand the servants’ noble.” (Mark)

“But Mark-sama, they call us a lowly servant here and you can’t be silent.” (Servant)

“Even if I look at this, your behavior is too harsh and it is natural for her to be angry. You servants are from my house and they are under my father’s order. Please stop with the disgraceful behavior.” (Mark)

As expected of one’s master, the two servants couldn’t say anything and they just follow him unwillingly.

Hmmm, it seems that he is civilized man that can judge and scold his own servants. This time, it is obvious that they were the one who spoke poorly.

“I’m sorry about my servants, Sirius-kun. This is not an excuse but they just come recently to serve me as a servant. I would like you to forgive them.” (Mark)

“It’s not a problem. But, I would like you to take care of them because there is possibility that those two don’t stop themselves from repeating it.” (Sirius)


I stroked their head while I was in a conversation so they have already forgotten their anger and waving their tails happily. Those two are having loose face, and you wouldn’t think that they were putting out a thirst of blood until several seconds ago.

“Get your act together. Well then, since a teacher will come, please excuse us.” (Mark)

“Is Emilia fine with this?” (Sirius)

“I have decided already that to take a servant who has master by force, my pride won’t allow it.” (Mark)

This good looking man’s behavior and words are cool, huh. I change my robe to become like a mantle and take a seat that is separated a bit from other seats, and my servants followed me and sit next to me.

“I won’t be attracted to anyone else except Sirius-sama~!” (Emilia)

“I’ll follow Aniki too~!” (Reus)

Oh dear, as a result of stroking them too much, their speech and conduct has come undone. For the time being, I tidy them up in a hurry. The homeroom teacher appeared at the same time as he bows his head lightly and begins the class.

“It seems everyone is here. I am colorism (カラリス組) homeroom teacher, Magna-sensei. Nice to meet you.” (Magna)

He was seen during the interview as well. He is a brown-haired man in forties, wearing a mantle that contains yellow lines on a robe with school Emblem. It wasn’t at principal’s degree but he was displaying a seasoned atmosphere while entering the classroom, giving overpowering impression that he is quite skilled.

“Before I talk about myself, First of all, I guess it should be a self-introductions.” (Magna)

“Y-yes!” (Students)

After that, self-introductions are completed one by one in order.

The reason I have come to school is because there are various races, and it was interesting to listen to various stories presented by fellow classmates. Our turns approach quickly.

“I am Reus. My race is silver wolf and I am a servant of the person who is next to me, Sirius-sama. I am specialized in swordsmanship and my attribute is flame (炎 = honou).” (Reus)


I was worried about what to say, but they seem to finish introducing themselves safely by referring to previous students’ introduction.

Because ‘I am Sirius-samas servant’, I am going to beat you fool! …or something like that, I am afraid they are going to say it. Although the clasp was sparse, it seems to welcome in its own way. Next is me.

“I am Sirius. My race is human and as everyone knows, my attribute is non-attribute. I would like to study in magic formation and magic engineering field in the future.” (Sirius)

So when I bowed, the surrounding reaction was the state which worries about how to react (on the fact being colorless).

“There is additional information from me about him. I was one who examined his interview, we determined that he has enough merit to be accepted in this school. He can do beginner magic, in spite of no attribute, you want to see it, right?” (Magna)

And he held out his hand, suggesting the continuation of self-introduction. I am grateful but when I ‘m watched, I’m somewhat embarrassed. My introduction had ended for now, so it was Emilia’s turn.

When she smiled to stand up and bow gracefully, surrounding boys and girls were charmed. Splendid manners as expected. As for her who received Kaa-san’s (Erina’s) education, it looks like she had piece of mind.

“I am Emilia. I am a servant of Sirius-sama, together with my younger brother, Reus, and my attribute is wind. Since my body and heart are being devoted to my master, everyone, please acknowledge this.” (Emilia)

This is really a ‘bomb’ announcement by Emilia!?

The surroundings becomes noisy, but she just put up a smile and stood up proudly.

Why did you make such a remark?

Is that so, I’m sure of her restraint. It’s not only about me being colorless, she’s trying to attract attention and reduce the burden that I have on me. She’s very brave and loyal. I had a wonderful servant.

“Fufu… I guess all I could do was admit my relationship with Sirius-Sama here.” (Emilia)

I thought so!

Well, rather than being cover up awkwardly from the beginning, it is better to expose it so that strange fellows wouldn’t get even closer … maybe.

After Emilia, there are no bomb remarks, and the self-introductions of the whole class has been finished early. As soon as the break time starts, several boys and girls are gathered to our area and at the same time, and Magna-sensei leaves the class.

“Hey, is that true that you are colorless?” (??)

“I think it’s hard when you don’t have aptitudes? What kind of training did you do?” (??)

“Emilia’s silvery hair is beautiful. Your skin is also beautiful, and it is enviable as woman.” (??)

“What do you mean by that body and mind!? Are you a slave?” (??)

“You’re good at sword? If there is training later, fight me.” (??)

It seems there are a lot of strong children who are curious about us, maybe because there are lots of commoners. There are some nobles looking from surrounding distance, but somehow observing us, while we had to give suitable answer one by one to their questions.

Apparently, even being a colorless, I am thought as a person who piled the training till I bleed my blood over and finally get to enroll in school.

Since today is the first day, there is no lesson and it ended after small explanation on curriculum and facilities at school by Magna-sensei. If we wait for a few minutes, is it going to be the time when a bell in the evening rings?

When the teacher leaves the classroom, everyone relaxes. While we talk about what to eat, everyone else is doing as they please.

By the way, I have a breakfast and lunch at school’s dining room, not only can I have supper at school but I can also also cook in the dorm or eating in the town, so it’s relatively flexible.

“Sirius-sama, how about today’s schedule?” (Emilia)

“Well. I wonder should we clean untidy room or improve the house’s facilities?” (Sirius)

Although, the room and kitchen are no problem, I’d like to utilize available room, make a bathroom, so there are a lot of things need to be done. I think Emilia will follow naturally but she lowered her head, it seems like she’s trying to apologize.

“I’m sorry. I have to go back to my room at once since I have to confirm about luggage and Reese, so I think I will be a little late.” (Emilia)

“Don’t’ mind it. I’ll go first, take your time and do it with Reus.” (Sirius)

“Aniki! I’m sorry!” (Reus)

The instant he said it, joined his hands together like hitting mosquito as hard as possible and apologized. Don’t you dare start kneewling down on the ground!

“What happened, Reus?” (Sirius)

“I’d like to go right now too, since those guys had invited me, I couldn’t decline.” (Reus)

When I turn my sight at the voice that called Reus, several beastkin were waving their hand with wooden sword in their hand.

“Interacting with other people other than me is also important. Don’t worry about it, just go.” (Sirius)

“Understood, Aniki. I’ll go immediately and beat all of them!” (Reus)

“No, you don’t have to rush, just go along leisurely.” (Sirius)


Do you really understand?

Reus joins the beastkin who had waited, and goes out of the classroom while having a fun with friendly chats. Emilia too continued in a quick pace, and when I became alone and ready to go home, I got called by Mark.

“Are you going to go back too?” (Mark)

“Mark-sama? Yeah, that’s right.” (Sirius)

“Haha, yes, I am a noble but here, everyone is equal here, don’t you agree? I missed my chance to say this a while ago, but I’m happy when you speak casually.” (Mark)

“Understood. By the way Mark-sama, what happened to your servants?” (Sirius)

“I don’t need to be called ‘sama’. There are some urgent business so they returned earlier. It’s nothing suspicious but I think I’ll ask question them later.” (Mark)

“How to say this, I guess Mark also has some hard times. This might be rude, but why did those guys become your servants?” (Sirius)

Although he said that, they are absolutely his servants, his words and behavior are too inconsistent. Why he didn’t take them along, the very self-important servants, with him?

“Those guys are extended nobles of Holtia family, but their rank is quite low, so they want to make up favor with me, who is an inheritor following eldest son. The instruction came from my father, and my servants were sent unwillingly to me.” (Mark)

“Oi oi, what are you talking and make me heard, is it alright to let commoner like me to hear talks about your family?” (Sirius)

“I don’t mind. Mercy isn’t given to a person who doesn’t have such character. They seem to be keeping an eye on you, but if something happens, please report it immediately. Make a proper decision.” (Mark)

“Understood, I’ll do that. Well then, see you tomorrow.” (Sirius)

“Aaa, see you tomorrow.” (Mark)

It’s likely for me to become a good friend with him. I wave my hand and see him off, then I also begin to stand up and walk to Diamond cottage which is my home.

There is quite a distance to Diamond cottage.

Even though it’s good to run through quickly, the two siblings are seems to be late and since I don’t have any reason to hurry, I’ll just walk leisurely.

It’s been a long time since I was last alone, but that’s a good trend-change for those guys. I feel a little bit lonely after walking through a student dormitory, but the suddenly I felt uncomfortable and stopped.

“Incompetent, stop over there.” (??)

Two men appeared from one of the tree and blocked the road. If I recall where and when, aren’t they Mark’s servant?

“What is it? But I’m going home now?” (Sirius)

“We still have some business with you. There is unfrequented place on the other side, come with us!” (Mark’s servants)

Waaa…..the instruction tone is very bossy.

What? I am to be pulled to an unfrequented place and is this like being threatened for money? (TLN: Author used word of KATSUAGE, a slang usually used among bad senior high school kids)

Even if I jump, you won’t hear any sound of money you know?

“This is troublesome…” (Sirius)

“Silent, you incompetent! Come here quickly!”

Since these two already snapped, I just follow them quietly for the time being.


That place is a place surrounded by trees, but there is a space where several people can move to certain extent. Although, there is not so much distances from the main road, if people don’t think about looking, this place won’t be seen at all.

“Well, I came here, so what is it?” (Sirius)

“Because of you, we got scolded by that bastard, Mark! He scolded us in length about servants and the way of nobles!” (Servant-1)

“We’re a nobles! Say what you want, and its unpleasant to lower our head to that fellow of the same age!” (Servant-2)

Even if you say that to me, I am troubled. I thought these to be some sort of strange and fishy play, but does it mean they want to be excellent servant?

“Ask that to the person himself. It doesn’t matter to me.” (Sirius)

“It matters. Those beastkin will go to Mark’s place if there is an order from you!” (Servant-1)

“It is unusual for that person to be interested in beastkin. I am incompetent but somehow I want to please him, don’t you agree?” (Servant-2)

I was certain these guys only want to get their revenge. Is it because of that? However, you guys order is something that I can’t fulfill.

“I refuse. I do not want to change the path she chose for my convenience.” (Sirius)

“Mr., make her hear this against her will.” (Servants)

The number of people increased by two and they were coming from behind the trees. Hmmm, from making appearance, in front of those two, same level with nobles, to be obeyed by commoner, I think?

I look at their trained body and holding wooden sword on hands, while being surrounded by many people. It seems they really have no feeling of guilt based on laughing figure of these guys, And, I understand the same kind of people.

“How about it now? Now apologize, if you promise to take that demi-human to Mark, we are done here after beating you?


You called that child…demi-human?

“Well, how about this….what are you doing?” (??)

“Don’t you understand by looking? I’m warming up.” (Sirius)

I think if in the first place you force intimidation, I’m not going to speak and just hit first. I can conclude that they have no experience in battle because they look at me absentmindedly while I was warming up.

“Oi, I don’t have to argue with words, don’t you agree?” (Sirius)

“He’s thinking of fighting alone? Yea, he’s incompetent indeed. I think it’s different.” (??)

Although I did not want to get involved since it will become various problems later when you become the enemy of nobles, but these guys have turned their back to Mark, so beating them won’t become much of a problem.

“Don’t be a hindrance, just let me do this freely?” (??)

I quietly held out my fist while looking at the man who put out a vulgar laugh.

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    But the freshmen’s reactions are vary, some are checking out the classes immediately, some are having a friendly chat, and a lot are asking questioning those who exited late. -> But the freshmen reactions are varied, some are checking out the classes immediately, some are having a friendly chat, and a lot are asking questions to those who exited late.
    Honestly, after you’re finished with your stuff, I have come to apologize. -> Honestly, I was waiting for you to have some free time, to come apologize.
    I miss that when I confirm the arrangement -> I missed that when I confirmed the arrangement
    But, the quite distance from school to that place and that place has become abandoned building. -> But, there is quite a distance from school to that place and also, that place has become an abandoned building.
    Appologize? You have made me pass and Vile-sensei has no discontent, right? -> Apologize? You have made me pass and Vile-sensei has no discontent, right?
    Since the roof went bad, I have already replaced them, is there any more problems? -> Since the roof went bad, I have already replaced them, I suppose it’s OK with you?
    Although, there is no problem, but did you do it in three days? -> There is no problem, but did you really do it in three days?
    If you come to apologize, I have one favor to ask, will you hear it? -> If you came to apologize, I have one favor to ask, will you hear it?
    I would like to have permission to fiddle that house freely. -> I would like to have permission to fiddle with that house freely.
    The reason is I don’t want to get complain because of remodeling property at school later on. -> Reason is I don’t want to get complaints because of property remodeling at school later on.
    I think if Rodwell doesn’t do it, it’ll probably ok, but judging from his character, this request is not unreasonable. -> I think that even if Rodwell doesn’t allow it, it should still probably be ok, but judging from his character, this request can be reasonably well received.
    Moreover, if they look it with their eyes, they may come out with suitable reason of illegally remodeling and expel me. -> Moreover, any visual inspection could give them a suitable reason to expel me.

    OK, I stopped here.


    1. bayabusco Post author

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