Ex Strongest Swordsman 352 (Self Edited) – In the Stirring of Darkness



In the Stirring of Darkness

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The throne room, the Veritas Kingdom.

As he sat alone on his throne in the uselessly large room, Isac was in a good mouth and loosened his mouth. Perhaps, he enjoyed the chaos that his decisions and pronouncements brought to the world.

Speaking of bad taste, yes, it was, but he didn’t lead the people to do so. If humanity was going to be destroyed as a result of each of them doing what they wanted, then, that was just the path they should have taken. So, there was no problem.

Of course, there were a few schemes involved.

[Looks like things are going well.] (??)

“What… you’re here again? Does that mean you don’t trust me that much? You’re coming here way too often.” (Isac)

[No? No way that could be true… rather, it’s the opposite. I’m here because I trust you.] (??)

“Haa?” (Isac)

The failure of what happened in the Empire was ultimately due to the Demon King.

However, ‘it’ must have been partly because ‘it’ didn’t trust the person ‘it’ chose and didn’t even show up. After scrutinizing the event, ‘it’ came to the conclusion that if ‘it’ had trusted that person a bit more, or at least showed up, there would have been a different ending.

However, considering that in that case, ‘it’ wouldn’t have been able to absorb ‘it’, it was a fact that ‘it’ was grateful. And that was why, ‘it’ couldn’t afford to repeat that mistake.

“…I don’t know about you, but… if you don’t have a problem with what I’m doing, I don’t care.” (Isac)

[I’m not complaining. That’s for sure. You’re living your life as I’ve told you. Well, it was somewhat unexpected that you would extend that thought to others.] (??)

Nevertheless, it was a typical act of royalty to share with others instead of keeping it all to oneself.

There was a difference between good intentions and bad intentions, but in the eyes of the World, there was no difference between the two. The only result was that the people of this country were now able to live the way they wanted to.

[…It seems I was right in choosing you after all.] (??)

“Haa? Are you praising yourself? Well, you’re right, but… you can’t be satisfied with this, can you?” (Isac)

[Ooh? Does that mean there’s more to come?] (??)

“Obviously, right? My power still only reaches inside this country. And there’s a difference in effectiveness, isn’t there?” (Isac)

[You’re right. It’s only in the vicinity of the royal capital that your power works most effectively. It can’t be helped but to notice that the more distance you are, the more the power diminishes.] (??)

He needed more power, but… it was a different matter if it could be done by wielding the power of the Devil, but that wasn’t possible at present.

It might be possible if he could take in all Devils in the current situation, but… there were no Devils that would tolerate that, and no more Devils that would let their guard down. That was why he was able to capture ‘it’, and if he aimed at something else, ‘it’ would just be able to fight back or run away.

And at the moment, there was more to do than that.

“Well, it’s not like I’m going to do anything about it right now. At any rate, your strength is slowly increasing, isn’t it?” (Isac)

[Yes. It’s growing with time, and that means, your power is growing as well.] (??)

“Then, I’ll do as I please while waiting for that. I hope my power will reach every corner of the world.” (Isac)

[Ooh…?] (??)

Not only in this country, but the world… the ambition became bigger.

However, that was the way it should be. Otherwise, there was no point in choosing him.

Apparently, his eyes were certain.

[Hmm… Well, everything is going well anyway.] (??)

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“I’m not sure what you are talking about, but at least I think so.” (Isac)

[Then, there’s no problem. I’m sure there will be more than I expected, but nothing unexpected so far. If this continues, everything will be fine.] (??)

And the chances of that ending were very high.

To begin with, there were two Devils working together. This situation wouldn’t be shaken unless there was a lot of trouble.

[That is, if the Demon King doesn’t show up here.] (??)

It was at the moment ‘it’ muttered that.

A voice echoed as a new presence appeared on the scene.

[…Somehow, you said something unnecessary.] (??)

[What? Could it be…] (??)

“What is it? Do you really think that the Demon King has appeared?” (Isac)

[Yes, that’s what I meant.] (??)

“Heh…” (Isac)

Isac lifted the corner of his mouth as if to say it was interesting, but that wasn’t the case.

There was a saying among humanity that if you said something you didn’t want to happen, it would actually happen.

[…No, it could be just a coincidence.] (??)

[Coincidence or not, it makes no difference that he showed up. In a way, it’s only natural since he did such a flashy thing.] (??)

[I’m surprised that he shows up here… should I say as expected?] (??)

Now was not the right time.

If the Demon King had been a little earlier, ‘it’ could have hidden itself and gotten away. Or if he had been a bit later, ‘it’ could have gone head-to-head.

Right now, it was neither one of the two as it was in a halfway state of heightened power.

[So, what’s your plan?] (??)

[Well, I have no choice but to interact. After all, the Demon King is a child of human. There are ways to do it.] (??)

[Oh my. you don’t plan to discuss it from the beginning?] (??)

[There’s no meaning in doing so. I’m not in the mood to discuss it with someone I plan to get rid of.] (??)

[I see… you have no plan to do that, huh?] (??)

Indeed, it might not be unreasonable to think so.

‘It’ was aiming to cooperate with the Demon King in the end, and he seemed to be planning to make use of him. In the first place, the Demon King was the one whom the World had chosen as the best enemy to destroy itself. In a sense, it was natural for ‘it’ to make use of his power in some way.


[I don’t know what you think, but at least, I’m not going to rely on the Demon King. No… I can say it’s definitely unnecessary. For me, the one I choose is enough.] (??)

“Are you talking about me? I’m really embarrassed to hear you say that.” (Isac0

[Hmm… you’re that kind of person, right?] (??)

“Well, yes.” (Isac)

As they were talking about it, it felt a slight pressure. ‘It’ could feel ‘its’ eyes on it, as if ‘it’ was searching for something.

[Heh… so you’re disagreeing with the World’s decision?] (??)

[No? That’s not it. It’s just that… the World thinks what’s best for it, and what I think is best don’t match up. I’m not trying to disagree or deny the World’s decision. It’s simply that I choose to follow a different method.] (??)

“Hoo… Is that so? Well, we were only given the order to destroy the World, not how to do it.] (??)

[That’s right. Besides, if we were able to eliminate the Demon King, we would be superior to the Demon King. If we show that, the World wouldn’t complain.] (??)

[Yes, that’s true too. But if you say so, what do you have in mind?] (??)

[That’s what I’m going to think about. So, when will the Demon King be here?] (??)

“Perhaps, in three days. Oh, and apparently, the person he has so much fun is with him too, you know.] (??)

[That guy? Heh… now I’m really starting to look forward to this. Hey, if that’s the case, why don’t you come with me?] (??)

[That’s my plan all along. So… will you also help me?] (??)

[Isn’t that obvious?]

‘It’ was pleasantly surprised to receive a response, but… it felt suspicious. After all, ‘it’ still didn’t really know why there was a cooperation between them. When that was asked before, ‘it’ said it wasn’t the time to tell yet, but… that didn’t matter.

They were both trying to outdo each other. Besides, ‘it’ wouldn’t do anything unnecessary here. Then, there was no problem. As for what to do with ‘it’, it could be done after dealing with the Demon King.

In order to think about the important thing, the Devil was absorbed in ‘its’ own thoughts.


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