The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 86 (Self Edited) – Revisiting Reform


Revisiting Reform

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Reform, which I visited for the first time in about a month ago, was noisier than before.

As expected the eagle landing was cleared, but other places were crowded with all kinds of supplies. The royal castle was still a difficult place in this age, and even when I came here before, it wasn’t a place where civilians could enter. However, it seemed the castle was open now, and the merchants were walking as if they owned the place.

“What should I do with this?” (Yuri)

In this situation, the place would be full with Galloping Birds, but there was also an atmosphere that if people left it here, it might be taken by someone. There were things like this before, and even though this was the royal castle, I couldn’t help to notice this feeling.

However, Liao seemed imposing, as if he returned home as a son of a distinguished family.

“Outside the castle, there was a tent of my household. My father may have come to the royal castle.” (Liao)

Liao said.

“Is that so? Let’s look for it.” (Yuri)

Certainly, there were many tents on the outside of the wall. It seemed it was to manage the eagle kings. On top of the tent, there was a very big crest of the General household. The tent could be easily understood by looking at it from the sky.

However, not all tents had complicated household crests drawn on them, and only the place where the Eagle King stored had it. It was almost unthinkable now to do that, but in the battle between the Shanti, it could be a target of a special attack, so the main headquarter wasn’t specially decorated so that the enemy could see it from the sky.

Liao probably searched for one of his household from among the many such tents.

“Well, shall we ask around?” (Yuri)



Where was the head of the Rube Household? When we asked around, we were able to find the place quickly.

When I went to the place I was told, there were adults who seemed to know Liao, when we left the two eagles there, we entered the castle. Liao’s father seemed to be in the castle.

I entered the room where I was led to. Apparently, it was a guest room that was rented entirely and the inside was quite large.

“Oh?” (??)

When a certain old man, who sat in the chief seat, noticed Liao, he was surprised and had the face of ‘Why is this guy here?’.

“Hello, Father.” (Liao)

“That reminds me, I thought you told me that you will come with the Princess.” (??)

The old man, who seemed to haven’t had dementia started yet, seemed to remember immediately.

‘Parents would normally remember if their kid is on such an excursion, right? Is the head of the household different in sensibility compared to Rook or is it simply laissez-faire beyond my household?’

This old man was Liao’s father, Cain Rube. Although his white hair already mixed in, he looked like a middle-aged employee.

“Hello, nice to meet you.” (Yuri)

When I bowed in a hurry…

“This is the one who led us, Yuri-dono.” (Liao)

Liao introduced me.

I’ve heard the rumor. Well, have a seat.” (Cain)

Since I was prompted, I sat in an appropriate seat while saying ‘Please, excuse me’. At the same time, the adults, who stood up at the present moment, said ‘Well, then’.

“It looks like we are interrupting.” (Yuri)

When I said that as an apology…

“Don’t worry. We haven’t discussed much.” (Cain)

As he said that, Cain looked at me again.

“Well, what business do you have here?” (Cain)

Liao said.

Originally, it would be easier if he asked his son, Liao, since he was someone he knew. But, I was temporarily supposed to be Liao’s superior.

‘I think he asked me in consideration of that fact. Here, if he ignores me and talks to Liao, I will lose my position as a superior. Even if you call it a chivalric order, as long as it’s a kind of military, that is as a matter of course, but there are few people who would do that toward children.’

“As you may have guessed, I came to find out when the war would start. It would be bad if I miss it.” (Yuri)

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I said it honestly.

“Yes, you’re right. However, I don’t know.” (Cain)

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

‘What does he mean by that?

‘Of course, it’s up to the other side to decide when to attack. They are clearly preparing for the offensive and they have set up for one kilometer. Even if they approaches that point, it can’t be said that there will be a battle. If the enemies pull out, the battle may not start.’

‘But, in such a situation, it is analyzed from the factors of the situation, and the battle will start in a few minutes because the other side will advance at this speed. It feels like he is saying that way.’

“They are making strange moves.” (Cain)

‘Aah, is that so? Is he saying that he can’t predict because the other side behaves strangely?’

“What are strange things they are doing?” (Yuri)

“The enemy is slow for some reason. It seems that something is taking a long time. But I don’t know what that is.” (Cain)

“I see, is that what you mean?” (Yuri)


“What do you think?” (Cain)

He asked me.

“They are mostly to attempt something new at Verdun. Like siege weapons that require a lot of preparation.” (Yuri)

‘Unless the other side is a fool, it is natural to devise such a mechanism for the fortress that they failed to capture last time.’

‘If something went wrong with a force attack, it must be solved with some ingenuity. It’s a very rational judgment, and it is rather unnatural not to devise such a method.’

“I was thinking the same too.” (Cain)

“Yes.” (Yuri)

‘It seems that they also made such a guess. The Rube Household won’t be called as a General household without a reason.’

‘Well, it can’t be helped if the enemy would do that. If anything, the distance is close, and if I ask Liao to come here every few days, we will probably know the latest situation.’

‘It’s going to be a long meeting, so should I say something to leave this seat?’

When I thought about it, Cain opened his mouth again.

“By the way, what do you have here?” (Yuri)

I pointed to the souvenir gun I had and said.

“Yes, well…” (Yuri)

‘Guns aren’t commonplace, but they are also found in the world of Shanti. There are some poorly made gun duplicated by the Shanti, but most of them were found during war.’

‘In other words, it’s a loot, but the Shanti has yet to achieve the technology to stabilize the supply of the saltpeter, apart from charcoal and sulfur. Thus, they can’t make gunpowder yet. Of course, you can use the loot gunpowder to fire, but after two to three shots, it becomes nothing but an ornament. Actually, I also bought one from an antique shop in Sibyaku.’

“When is it?” (Cain)

“This is a gun manufactured last year. It’s from the Kingdom Flusha.” (Yuri)

“Oh, I’ve certainly heard that you’re doing business with some Kuran.” (Cain)

‘What the… It seems my business has become famous. Well, the good thing is, this thing sells well. I wonder what will happen if I import it a lot.’

“Show it to me.” (Cain)

“Yes. I brought this for the royal family here.” (Yuri)

‘This should be fine.’

While reminding him as I said it at the same time, I untied the cloth and gave the gun.

Perhaps, this gun was beautiful because it was used by a noble over there. There was a carving on the wooden stock, and it had a fine varnish used for stringed instruments. So, it looked good and beautiful.

The gloss of the varnish was slightly soothed because I used it a lot in the last few days. However, I wiped the whole part with an oil cloth and cleaned the inside of the gun cavity, so it regained its shine, albeit palliatively.

“Hmm…” (Cain)

Cain was staring at the gun with interest.

“Alright.” (Cain)

He said that and returned the gun to me.

When I tried to wrap it in the cloth I used to wrap…

“It’s fine to wrap it.” (Cain)

He said.

“…?” (Yuri)

‘What do you mean by that?’

While thinking inwardly, I send a skeptical look.

“There will be a war council from now on.” (Cain)

“War council?” (Yuri)

“Her Majesty the Queen won’t attend, but His Majesty Prince Consort will attend. You should hand it over there.” (Cain)

“Ooh.” (Yuri)

‘I thought this was the Rube Household war council, but did I get it wrong? This smells like a summit meeting.’

‘But, why do I have to wrap this gun? Since I passed the gun as it is, I want to wrap it up for a bit, but…’

“Liao, you will attend the council as well. It will be a learning experience.” (Cain)

‘No no no no, you’re not suppose to take your child to a workplace to learn something. This is bad, isn’t it?’

“Yes. Let me go with you.” (Liao)

Liao said it with motivation.



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