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— Chris —


The believers who rushed into the room, were wearing robes, and from the atmosphere, they were of a similar kind to those who made a surprise attack on us.

However, the number of enemies was five. Senpais, then, were quickly moving to locations where they could easily protect Ashley and the sleeping Cardinal.

And then, he finally came in. After Dolgar, who was wearing extravagant robes attached with ornaments, confirmed our faces, he was staring at Ashley.

“I was wondering who infiltrated when I received the report, but it was the traitor, the former Saintess.” (Dolgar)

“Uhh… I’m not going to be defeated!” (Ashley)

Ashley had faltered for a moment, but she undauntedly glared back.

They glared at each other awhile, but when Dolgar confirmed that Ashley would not averted her eyes, he let out a sigh as if he was annoyed.

“Hmmm, you would look away before this, but it seems that you have grown a little.” (Dolgar)

“Of course. For everyone’s sake, I won’t hesitate because of you.” (Ashley)

“In short, the group outside is all your doing? You’ve not only defeated my guards, but you’re also trying to confuse Mira’s Doctrine… what on earth are you going to do? These are unlikely the actions taken by someone who was called as the Saintess of Mira’s Doctrine.” (Dolgar)

“Certainly, what I did is not right as a Saintess, and it may be an act of betraying Mira-sama. But the one who created the disorder was you. You’re the one who changed the teachings of Mira’s Doctrine!” (Ashley)

“Hou. It’s obvious that your presence seems to be different than before.” (Dolgar)

“If I am the only one affected, I would have no plan to say anything. But, as a believer of Mira-sama, I can’t forgive you because you distorted Mira’s Doctrine and sacrificed so many people!” (Ashley)

Although Ashley clearly declared it, Dolgar was looking down on her as he slowly spoke, completely as if he was reprimanding a bad child.

In the meantime, the Senpais were nonchalantly discussing in low voices, while listening to the conversation.

“Distorted? You’re wrong. This is a necessary act to continue Mira’s Doctrine.” (Dolgar)

“Necessary act for Mira’s Doctrine? Are you saying it is necessary to distort the teachings of Mira’s Doctrine and collect money!?” (Ashley)

“This is disturbing. I thought about it from a long time ago, but you should look more at the reality. Mira’s Doctrine reaches out to those in need and the religion is preserved when it is supported by people who appreciated it. You know that, right?” (Dolgar)

“Yes, Mira’s Doctrine is supported by the believers and everyone in the town. To help and to share happiness… that is Mira’s Doctrine!” (Ashley)

“That is a really wonderful thinking, but have you thought about the future of Mira’s Doctrine? Did you think that it was an absolute religion that would exist forever?” (Dolgar)

“That is…” (Ashley)

According to Ashley, there were several ways to get donations for Mira’s Doctrine, but the main source seemed to be contributions from the people in town goodwill and those who believed it.

Those who lived in Fonia appreciated Mira-sama, and I personally donated as a goodwill, but now, it was unusual for the temple’s side to remind people about it.

Of course, the one who had changed was Dolgar. It appeared that they were asking donations by saying it would be for big constructions at the temple, but suspicious people might come out.

“Mira’s Doctrine doesn’t have solid income sources. If something happens in the future and the goodwill of the people in the town is gone, Mira’s Doctrine will disappear, rather than being stagnated. That’s why I spread the teachings to prevent it, changing Mira’s Doctrine in order to collect offerings for the sake of preservation.” (Dolgar)

“I don’t even understand what are you trying to say, but Pope-sama and Cardinal-sama are unlikely to seek for such changes. Why did you decide that on your own!?” (Ashley)

“The Pope hasn’t returned, while the Cardinal has fallen sick with an incurable disease and I couldn’t properly ask her. And as a traitor and lowly criminal, you have stopped giving Mira-sama’s oracles. In this situation, who can make the decision other than me?” (Dolgar)

“If that’s the case, consult with other believers—…” (Ashley)

“What a foolish answer. I could change the teachings because that’s what the believers agreed to. Won’t you understand if you think more about this?” (Dolgar)

I didn’t want to admit it, but there was some truth in Dolgar’s words.

If the hearts of the people in town became distant because of something, Mira’s Doctrine wouldn’t be maintained and it would disappear. Even from my point of view, I must admit that it was an unstable religion in various ways.

Ashley also couldn’t completely deny it. With a further confident proclamation from Dolgar, she was perfectly pressured.

“Although it is different from you, I am also thinking about the future of Mira’s Doctrine. Even with this, do you think I am wrong?” (Dolgar)

“It-it’s… wrong. Mira-sama… for such thing…” (Ashley)

Dolgar had a face of triumphant as if to say that it was futile to resist.

Ashley couldn’t open her mouth, since she had a lot of things she wanted to say, but when I thought about it, it would be tough for an innocent girl to fight against someone who used weaknesses and cowardly means.

The Senpais were looking at me, who didn’t say anything. Besides being alert to the ‘other side’ people, they probably wondered what I would do and say.

That’s it… if it was about using words, I could use the knowledge that I learned as a merchant when I was under Gadd’s wing.

“Wait a sec. I’m trying to conclude various things that you have said, but there are a lot of holes.” (Chris)

“Chris-kun?” (Ashley)

“What are you? An unrelated outsider should keep silent.” (Dolgar)

He directed a sharp gaze, but it wasn’t amounting too much compared to Sensei’s and Gadd-san’s.

[If it seems like you can’t get an advantage over your opponent, make fun of them. Overpower them as much as you can, as if you’re going to steal money from them.] (Gadd)

While I remembered Gadd-san’s teachings, I narrowed my eyes to look down on Dolgar.

“I am certainly a man who’s got nothing to do with Mira’s Doctrine. But you know, I always asked about the teachings of Mira’s Doctrine and how things should be according to Mira-sama from the Saintess here.” (Chris)

“Even if you know, so what? I am talking to a girl who knows nothing about reality. Don’t get it the way.” (Dolgar)

“You… although you said that Mira’s Doctrine will either stagnate or disappear, the purpose of Mira’s Doctrine, since the beginning, is not meant to spread or be preserved, right?” (Chris)

The teachings of Mira’s Doctrine were all about reaching out to people in need and to share happiness.

When that was clearly said, I thought that those people were like a bunch who did it for their own self-satisfaction and self-sacrifice, but there was no such thing as spreading the name of Mira’s Doctrine because they rescued people. It didn’t actively spread. It simply made people wanting to know about it.

It probably had to spread to some extent, but to actively spread according to Dolgar’s view, or to collect offerings, both were not the purpose of Mira’s Doctrine.

In other words…

“From my point of view, to efficiently collect offerings… I can only hear it as nothing but as a method to collect money!” (Chris)

“Hmmm… the boy is saying a reasonable thing.” (Dolgar)

“Do you think it’s appropriate? It’s too suspicious when you are in a convenient situation where the Cardinal collapses, and having an oracle stating that Saintess, who always wants to protect the teachings of Mira-sama, as a traitor!” (Chris)

There was no confirmation, but there was no mistake that this person was suspicious because he could suck the most out of Mira’s Doctrine. The gorgeous robe with ornaments was too showy for the appearance of those who stood at the top, and that made me want to ask if he really needed that.

Since there was no mistake that the other side insisted that they weren’t wrong, all I had to do was to turn his unbreakable firm attitude upside down with everything I knew.

“I told you before that the teachings have changed and the believers consented to it, but when the Saintess wasn’t there, there were almost no believers who shared your view. Although I told you to think for a bit, you will understand it when you think about it.” (Dolgar)

“Tsk, you went around with that little bit of wisdom?” (Ashley)

“Don’t be fooled Ashley! Even if he said that it was to preserve Mira’s Doctrine, at the end of the day, it was changed because of personal interest. If it keeps remaining like this, the real Mira’s Doctrine you know will completely disappear!” (Chris)

“You’re… right. If Pope-sama heard this, he would be absolutely angry because this is not Mira’s Doctrine.” (Ashley)

Ashley felt depressed because she was unable to refute, but she remembered the reason why she came here, and she was firmly looking at Dolgar.

Seriously… I was also still a child, but was it really alright for this situation to continue from now on? I needed to watch out. I wouldn’t feel calm if she wasn’t nearby.

When Ashley got ahold of herself, Dolgar had an annoyed expression while scratching his head.

“Hmmm… if you were still deceived, the trouble would decrease. Why do the children around me never move the way I want…?” (Dolgar)

“I knew you were lying. No matter how righteous you are, you have destroyed the true nature of Mira’s Doctrine in various ways.” (Ashley)

“Well then, since his true character has been revealed, we’re going to step in. How about you sweetly take care of us children? If you want us to move as you see fit, you should display a fitting figure for it.” (Emilia)

“I guess so. If it is Aniki’s order, I will move according to it.” (Reus)

“Even though you can deceive people, it appears that you can’t fool children.” (Fia)

“What a fool. If you were still deceived, this would’ve ended without injuries.” (Dolgar)

When Dolgar retreated to the rear and snapped his fingers, five believers, who had waited in the surroundings, were all prepared with their weapons out at once.

Even I, who had little fighting experience, also knew. These people… were different from those whom we fought until now.

More importantly, the Senpais were displaying the highest tension, so they might’ve been strong opponents.

“I don’t care about the men, but capture the women, if possible, because they have value.” (Dolgar)

They would probably use Ashley to silence the believers outside. It seemed that he desired the Senpais as much as he wanted because they were beautiful women,

In the meantime, Dolgar was particularly focused on Fia-san. Fia-san scooped her hair with a tired expression due to that smile filled with desires.

“I am grateful if you jump into my bosom. The Elf over there, if you obediently come to me, this will end without any pain, you know?” (Dolgar)

“Unfortunately, my heart belongs to another man. For you, I am sorry.” (Fia)

“Hmm, you were only threatening me with that man yesterday, but what are you doing in such a place? Given the situation, the truth of your story about Elysion is somehow becoming doubtful.” (Dolgar)

“Who knows? I wonder if half is true and half is a lie.” (Fia)

“…Oh well, either way is fine. Now, you are a trespasser who got into Mira’s Temple. The nature of your offense can change in any way I see fit.” (Dolgar)

Although the reason he showed up in front of us was to deceive Ashley, it wasn’t necessary to stay in this place if he failed.

Since it would become a battle, when the time he showed his back to us and left the room…

“I don’t mind if they are hurt a little, but don’t overdo it…” (Dolgar)

“Spread out!” (Emilia)

Together with Emilia-san’s instruction, the Senpais moved out.

Emilia-san and Reus-san jumped out toward the front, while pulling out their weapons, but maybe because the opponents had anticipated that, they calmly faced them, one by one. And the remaining three came towards Ashley and Reese-san, while throwing knifes.

The approaching knives were probably painted with a paralysis poison, but they were all blown away by the wind released by Fia-san and struck the ceiling.

In retaliation, Reese-san unleashed countless balls of water, trying to prevent them from coming.

Meanwhile… I was one step behind, and rushed forward.

The Senpais were holding them down, and the ones who could freely move around were me and Dolgar.

I ran straight towards Dolgar, who was aware of the commotion and was about to turn around.

“Dolgarrrr—!” (Chris)

“W-what!?” (Dolgar)

Although Dolgar, who finally realized that he was unprotected, was surprised at me approaching him, he held a knife in his hand.

However, I completely understood that he wasn’t use to doing that because of his clumsy movements. I flicked the knife with the sword I had, and then, I leaped into Dolgar’s bosom and grasped his collar.

“Damn, a child dares to raise his hand against me!?” (Dolgar)

Whether I was a child or not, I understood, since I was studying under Gadd-san.

Dolgar… what you were doing wasn’t because of religious belief, your idea was closely similar to a merchant’s.

To put it briefly, a guy like you wasn’t suited to be in Mira’s Doctrine.


“It was all good if you worked as a regular merchant!” (Chris)

“Ugohh!?” (Dolgar)

I included Ashley’s portion, and hit Dolgar’s face with all my strength.

Actually, I would like to do it with a sword, but there were various things I wanted to ask him, and above all, I thought that Ashley would hate it.

With the capture technique I learned from Sensei, I made him lie on his face and held his hands behind his back, and then, I struck my sword close to Dolgar’s throat.

“Guh… bastard. To do this to me, you—…” (Dolgar)

“Shut up! More importantly, order them to stop!” (Chris)

Although I was able to suppress Dolgar, the Senpais were in not a good situation.

Whether they changed their method of one-on-one, there were three on Reus-san, two on Emilia-san and they were attacked at the same time.

Since they were sticking close to the Senpais, Reese-san was afraid of friendly fire and didn’t cast any spells, so in order to help Ashley and the Cardinal, Fia-san was giving full attention to the throwing knives between attacks.

Reus-san, who was attacked at the same time, was starting to be gradually pushed, and his favorite sword had finally dropped.

“Quickly stop them!” (Chris)

“Hmmm, leaving them aside, why you can’t do it? Perhaps, you never killed a person?” (Dolgar)

“…” (Chris)

“Did I guess it right? It shows through your expression and actions. Are you a child after all?” (Dolgar)

“I am not a child!” (Chris)

“What’s wrong? Your hands are trembling, you know? Or are you hesitating because of the ex-Saintess? I see, you don’t want to show blood to that innocent little girl.” (Dolgar)

I couldn’t hide the unrest due to Dolgar’s words that easily saw through the reason.

Even though I was still inexperienced, this person’s ability to see through weaknesses was real. And although his life was clearly held in my hands, it was expected that he could retort without fear, even if he was angry.

Damn it… I knew that he was trying to earn time.

If I didn’t do anything at all, they would defeat the Senpais, and lastly, they would aim for the defenseless Ashley.

But, I didn’t want to show the appearance of me killing people to Ashley.

“She is an innocent girl who even worries about people who are unrelated. I wonder what kind of eyes she will show you, when you kill a detestable person like me?” (Dolgar)

When I still couldn’t decide and was unable to decide, Dolgar continued his push.

Was I… prepared?

Didn’t Sensei ask me if I was prepared?

Perhaps, Sensei wanted to say whether I was prepared to defend her, even until my hands soiled in order to protect her.

And I was being tested, and it was certainly happening now.

If this person was defeated, there would be no reason to fight them. That would help the Senpais, and Ashley would be protected.

That was why I didn’t need to be afraid.

I was going to make a decision.

“Ashley… look away.” (Chris)

“Chris-kun, don’t…” (Ashley)

“Kuhh… you are in love with that girl, aren’t you? Will it be alright if she turns a cold shoulder to the one who loves her!?” (Dolgar)

“I’m going to do this because I love her! Besides, you’re the one who said to do it.” (Chris)

While I prayed that she wouldn’t at least see this moment, I exerted my strength on the sword…

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“Stop it, Chris!” (Reus)

At that moment, a believer, who was attacking Reus, was blown away. He was thrown right over me and flew out of the room.

I was surprised and that made my hand stop. Reus-san stopped the opponent’s knife with his Tekkou. He, then, defeated the remaining two in the blink of an eye with kicks and fists that were unleashed as counterattacks.

…Was that it? He didn’t drop the sword, he deliberately let go of it. He did it in order to fight, not with a somewhat larger sword, but with quick fists.

“He’s right, it is too early to decide!” (Emilia)

Emilia-san, who was sandwiched between opponents, leaped high and made a backflip. She jumped over the opponents’ heads.

The opponents instinctively looked up due to the sudden action, but they shifted their eyes when they felt an uncomfortable feeling at their feet.

“If you can’t directly do it, how about holding them?” (Emilia)

Their feet was covered with water, and they were covered in it up to their knees.

It wasn’t that they were unable to move, but their responses were delayed for a moment due to the feeling of water, which suddenly engulfed them. And Emilia-san didn’t miss that fatal opening.

“[Air Shot]” (Emilia)

The balls of wind prepared before the leap were unleashed from both hands. They were at their wit’s end as they directly hit their faces, and they collapsed.

After the water disappeared, Emilia beautifully landed and smiled at Reese-san.

“Thank you. Your timing was perfect.” (Emilia)

“Yeah, I made it right on time. The truth is, I wanted to cover the whole lower half of their bodies… but it seems that my focus is still lacking.” (Reese)

“Oh, I think that it is good enough if it creates an opening. It is because I can only use a knife.” (Fia)

“Since Fia-san is protecting us, we can fight with confidence. Well, the rest is…” (Emilia)

I was worried about the struggle earlier to the extent that I had to do something to prove my readiness, yet they reversed the situation in one go.

“It… it can’t be!? The elites were… in an instant…?” (Dolgar)

“As expected, the Senpais are at a different level. Someday, I…” (Chris)

The Senpais were walking in front of Dolgar and me, who were dumbfounded with such an outcome, it was a bit… no, it was a considerable matter to be concerned about.

“Dear me, I think that resolution is praiseworthy, but please trust us a little bit more.” (Reus)

“You are not convincing even if you say that. Get some treatment from Reese now!” (Emilia)

“Yeah! Come quickly!” (Reese)

There was a knife stabbed into Reus’ arm and the blood was flowing.

He probably judged that the attack wasn’t a fatal one, so he abandoned his defense and hit the opponent. Reus-san’s readiness couldn’t be imitated in many ways.

“Got it. Ouch… Reese-ane, please.” (Reus)

“Good grief… I will inform this to Sirius-san.” (Reese)

“It was good that the blade wasn’t poisoned. If Sirius-sama knew that you fought like that, he would be angry.” (Emilia)

“I’m sorry, Nee-chan. I did know about the knife, and it couldn’t be helped because Chris seemed to be in a hurry!” (Reus)

“Really? Please calm down because your wound opens when you make a clamor!” (Reese)

Despite being amazed, I was a bit jealous at Reus-san, since he had someone who worried about him.

While thinking so, Emilia suddenly turned around, because it was a secret that she was becoming a bit impatient.

“Good job, Chris. You can leave him to me after this.” (Emilia)

“Aah… Y-yes!” (Chris)

“Also, let me tell you something. I think that your resolution is splendid, but don’t overdoing things.” (Emilia)

“But I…” (Chris)

“There is no need to be impatient. It may be rude for me to say this, while I am still being protected by Sirius-sama, but since you are still in the middle of growing, all you have to do is to get stronger. But now, please properly discuss this with that child.” (Emilia)

“You ignore me… Guhaa!?” (Dolgar)

“Please keep your silence a little bit more.” (Emilia)

Dolgar was trying to say something to Emilia, who took care of him for me. She forcibly silenced him by twisting his wrist with a skillful way of handling him. I thought that she was beautiful, kind and a truly reliable person.

After that, I finally took a breath and removed the sword from Doglar, but the hand that tried to take a life once was still trembling.

When I clenched my fist while still reflecting, Ashley ran towards me, and hugged me.

“A-Ashley!?” (Chris)

“That’s great… Chris-kun… that’s great.” (Ashley)

It was bad of me to make her worry until she cried, but I had to clearly tell her this.

I lightly tapped Ashley’s back to calm her. I looked into Ashley’s eyes and declared.

“I’m sorry for scaring you, Ashley. But you know, if I don’t do it this time, Ashley will be in danger if the same thing happens from now on. I think… I will do it.” (Chris)

“That… is something I don’t like. I don’t want you to do such a thing, Chris…” (Ashley)

“Yeah, I don’t like it, too. However, there are times when it will be necessary for that kind of decision. I want you… to understand that much.” (Chris)

Ashley might hate me if I said this. Nevertheless, I clearly told her to show that I was prepared.

At worst, I was prepared to get slapped on the cheek, but Ashley was somehow thinking of something and then became certain.

“Ashley? (Chris)

“Actually… I understand. No matter how much I extend my hand, even shouting, someone will still become a sacrifice. But still, I… don’t want to see someone hurt.” (Ashley)

After a while, Ashley raised her face with a serious expression, and she was looking into my eyes this time.

I was stared at by those innocent eyes, and I replied while my heart was beating hard.

“It’s alright, Ashley. For the sake of anyone, you reach out to those in need and those who are sad. Because I like you being kind.” (Chris)

“Chris-kun…” (Ashley)

“Ah!? N-no……\ not only me. Amanda-san and the other believers also like Ashley, yeah! A-anyway, it will be alright if you work hard for everyone as usual!” (Chris)

I instinctively said that, but I didn’t say anything wrong. I guessed…  it was all good.

That’s right, Ashley would continue going through her straight path. It would be fine if you just shine like a beacon that guided people.

Even if I had to do the dirty works, it was fine. That was why, I wanted you to remain beautiful.

Our faces became reddened. Nevertheless, Ashley was happily smiling.

“Yeah, I got it. If Chris-kun and everyone wants it, I will work hard as a Saintess. From now on… please support me from the side, alright?” (Ashley)

“Of course!” (Chris)

I would become stronger in order to protect that smile.

Like Sensei and Senpais… my mind and body would become stronger.

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Later, the Senpais tied Dolgar’s arms and surrounded him while he was restrained, and when they were about to interrogate him…

“Hmmph… I have no doubt that I am captured by you young girls. It is also true that we forcibly gathered money from the town with appropriate reasons.” (Dolgar)

When questions were being asked, Dolgar easily admitted his wrongdoings.

Reus-san threatened and pointed his sword at Dolgar because he became concerned that he was strangely calm.

While looking down on Ashley until that point, it made me angry and I instinctively grabbed Dolgar’s collar.

“Why are you so calm?!” (Chris)

“…There is no point to not let you all know. Could it be that you are planning to tell the story?” (Dolgar)

“Of course. This time, but it will be your turn to be judged, instead of Ashley!” (Chris)

“As expected of a child, huh? If this becomes known to the public, you are not only betraying the believers, but also to the people of the town who believed in Mira’s Doctrine, you know?” (Dolgar)

In short, if this scandal was spread, the people of the town would feel distrust toward Mira’s Doctrine.

If that happened, there wouldn’t be a single person who was going to support Mira’s Doctrine. There was a high possibility of the worst case scenario, which was Mira’s Doctrine would disappear, according to Dolgar’s prediction.

“Besides, almost all the people in the temple are my supporters. Whether I am judged because of my wrongdoings, it doesn’t seem that the believers will believe what a girl says. There is no doubt that more confusion will occur. Do you guys want to destroy Mira’s Doctrine?” (Dolgar)

Was Dolgar so calm because he was convinced that we would not choose to destroy Mira’s Doctrine?

“Well then, it’s time to negotiate from here on. I will announce that the oracle of the girl was a mistake, and she will become the Saintess again, can I do that? Not just the girl, let’s arrange for other believers to return to the temple. Of course, the teachings of Mira’s Doctrine will revert back to the original.” (Dolgar)

“Are you kidding me?! You, how much trouble do you think Ashley had endured!?” (Chris)

“It is true that a grudge will remain, but it’s all good if you guys can endure it. If it goes this way, everyone can return to the temple, and you will not face any distrust from those in town, right?” (Dolgar)

“…There is no way it can’t be that easy.” (Chris)

“I have the means to do that. Besides, I was originally working to preserve Mira’s Doctrine. As a result, both sides became victims, and I am also reflecting that I had overdone this a bit. Since both sides were hurt, can we come to an agreement?” (Dolgar)

Although he was the Archbishop of Mira’s Doctrine, he talked well.

Damn it… you were originally a bad person, but why could you say that with such an admirable attitude?

Besides, not only Ashley, why were the Senpais also not saying anything?

“Are you… wondering about the Holy Knight? If you are not pleased with him, I alone can stop that guy from unleashing his flames. I am sharing a secret here, so shall we find a way to convince each other?” (Dolgar)

Although that might be the way for him to survive in this place, there were points that could be considered.

While I was vexingly thinking about the words he said, Dolgar was smiling while waiting for Ashley’s response…

“It’s not necessary.” (Ashley)

Ashley said so with a dignified manner.

“What do you mean ‘not necessary’?” (Dolgar)

“It is not necessary to find way to convince each other. We will go outside of the temple just like this, and we will publicize everything about the truth to everyone.” (Ashley)

“Are you crazy, girl!? Even the Mira’s Doctrine that you wanted to protect will be gone—…” (Dolgar)

“I don’t think that I want to protect the distorted Mira’s Doctrine with your suggestions. Besides, I don’t feel guilty when helping people in need, and I want to do it without hesitation.” (Ashley)

“Th-that can’t be!? Is that what you really want, girl!?” (Dolgar)

“Yes. I do not know what will happen to Mira’s Doctrine by doing so, but if Pope-sama was here, he would also do it without hesitation.” (Ashley)

With that clear declaration, Dolgar became harden with a startle expression.

“Moreover… even if Mira’s Doctrine can’t be preserved and I become the only person left, I will still act as Mira-sama’s believer.” (Ashley)

“Wait a minute, Ashley. I am also here, and don’t forget that Amanda and the believers who are working hard outside.” (Chris)

“Aah… you’re right. I will just continue the activities related to Mira’s Doctrine together with the people that I know. Therefore, please tell everyone the truth, Archbishop.” (Ashley)

“…Has your stupidity reached that far? Should I have taken care of you at that time, after all?” (Dolgar)

The composure earlier totally disappeared. Incidentally, Dolgar looked disappointed… it seemed that the ‘match’ had ended.



After that, Reese-san remained behind in order to treat the Cardinal and Reus-san became her escort to the room. We walked inside of the temple to go outside, while taking Dolgar with a piece of cloth in his mouth.

While on our way, we found the guards and believers staying inside the prayer room, but…

“We are going to tell the truth from now on. Everyone, please come with us.” (Ashley)

As Ashley said that, she led people by boldly walking. The believers were confused, but they still followed her.

There were some amongst them shouting while trying to defy us, but since Dolgar became a hostage, they unwillingly followed.

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On the outside of the temple, both the Saintess faction and Dolgar faction were still in a state of stalemate.

It seemed that no one was making a move, but it wouldn’t be weird if there was a moment of clashing.

Ashley and the tied Doglar appeared from within the temple in such a situation. Since they went up to the speech stand outside of the temple, the believers started to make a lot of noise.

“Saintess-sama!” (??)

“Ooh, she’s safe!” (??)

“Archbishop-sama!? Why did you get caught?” (??)

“You traitor! What is the meaning of this!?” (??)

All voices and gazes mixed with various emotions were directed at Ashley, but she continued to accept everything without fear. She looked at Fia-san and talked in a low voice.

“Fia-san, may I?” (Ashley)

“Sure, good luck.” (Fia)

“Yes, thank you very much.” (Ashley)

Having her voice spread in an extensive range by Fia’s Wind, Ashley took a deep breath.

And when she was about to tell the truth and her own feelings…



[…Listen. Oh children of Mira-sama…] (??)



It suddenly became quiet in front of the temple due to a sudden echoed voice.

The believers were confused and they looked around to find the intimidating voice that silenced everything with a single sentence. And then, a believer pointed to the top of the temple while shouting.

“Look at that!? (??)

There was a person standing next to the sun crest, which was Mira-sama’s symbol, at the top of the temple.

No… was that a person?

Fluttering long white hair, it was a bright white existence with a white mask and mantle covering its whole body. For some reason, there was a circle of light hovering on his head. Even though he wasn’t moving, his appearance seems to be hazy.

He was just standing there, but my knees naturally trembled due to the intimidating feeling. Some believers even sat down because they couldn’t endure it.

While everyone was looking upwards, when he widely spread his hands, balls of lights were brought forth around him.

[I am Mira-sama’s Messenger. Children of Mira-sama… stop fighting.] (Messenger)

There was absolutely no one saying that was a joke. The believers forget about the conflict, and they were looking up, while they were shock.

What a divine appearance. Regardless of which faction the believers were in, they were gradually kneeling down at the majestic voice, which could be heard even if they covered their ears.

However, I doubted the mysterious existence that suddenly appeared, and there were many believers felt suspicious when gazing at him without letting out any voice.

Ashley and I were confused in such a situation, but Emilia-san told me to calm down from behind.

“I understand that you don’t feel calm, but let’s head down first.” (Emilia)

“B-but Emilia-san. What is that…” (Chris)

“Y-yes. I never heard about a Messenger of Mira-sama.” (Ashley)

“Although it is suspicious, it is certainly an existence that stopped the fighting. If you lower your head, the other believers will also follow you. So I want you to lower your head now.” (Emilia)

Emilia whispered while saying that to Dolgar. He, then, reluctantly lowered his head.

When I looked at Fia-san, she was kneeling down on one knee. Hence, I lowered my head together with Ashley, and… a loud howl suddenly reverberated.


“Awoooo——!” (Hokuto)


The one who appeared along with the howling was Hokuto-san. He was slowly walking on the road leading to the town.

I felt like he got a little thinner than this morning, but his walking figure with beautiful white fur was shining bright enough to not be defeated by the Messenger who appeared earlier.

The believers naturally made way at his grand appearance. Hokuto-san, who came walking through the divided crowd, came before us. He looked up at the Messenger standing above the temple, and…

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

He lied down… to prostrate.

“Ooh… not only Saintess-sama, even that splendid monster too!” (??)

“The Archbishop is also kneeling!” (??)

“We will also follow!” (??)

The believers had to admit that not just Ashley and Dolgar, the sudden appearance of Hundred Wolves also lowered his head. And then everyone who gathered in front of the temple lowered their heads.

[Children of Mira-sama, look.] (Messenger)

When I raised my face again at the resounding voice, the Messenger raised one hand high, and a gigantic ball of light was brought forth far up above the sky.

[To all children of Mira-sama who live in Fonia. Listen carefully to my voice. Gather before the temple.] (Messenger)

Even the people in the town could definitely hear the voice that was directly sent to their heads.

That huge ball of light was a signal sent towards the people who lived in the town, but I felt like I had seen it somewhere.

…Oh yeah! Although the size was different, it looked exactly like the [Light] that Sensei showed us.

Eh? Wait a minute… the believers were kneeling down because of the intimidating air from that ball of light.

As for the Senpais, they naturally lowered their heads, even Hokuta-san, too. And speaking of the person who could make them kneel down… there was only one person who came to mind.

More importantly, the person who fit the requirements was not in this location. I thought that my expectations were not wrong.

[By the discretion of Mira-sama… I will pass down an oracle.] (Messenger)

What the… what was that person going to do with the Doctrine?





Preview of the next installment (lie)… The Messenger did as his pleased.

“Oh, oh! That ball of light is seeing your evil deeds. Don’t say that you forgot it!” (Messenger)

“Messenger-sama! It is our first time seeing that ball of light!” (Dolgar)

“Ah, really? Well, you and you, death penalty.” (Messenger)

“Messenger-sama, that’s weird in many ways!” (Ashley)



Presenting Hokuto


Separating from his Master, Hokuto was worried while heading to the temple.

Master was going to introduce himself as the Messenger, and he ordered to show an appearance of giving respect to the surroundings, but Hokuto was worried about how much respect.

For Hokuto, the appearance of utmost respect was to lie down and show off his belly.

There were various reasons. Although he didn’t really mind to do that for that Messenger… or rather he wanted to do it, but… he was concerned with the eyes of the public.

For him, his Master was the only person who deserved his utmost respect, and he was proud to be under his Master’s wing.

He didn’t want to spontaneously respect any others, even if it was his parents or God.

That was why he didn’t like to show that appearance of wagging his tail to the surrounding people, other than to his Master.

He felt like he was spotted for having an affair, if he compared that to a person.

However, it was absurd to go against his Master’s order.

While feeling troubled, Hokuto headed into the town, and continued to feel troubled in the shadow of a building.

[…Listen. Oh children of Mira-sama…] (??)

In the meantime, it was his turn to be on stage.

Still being troubled, the choice that Hokuto chose was…

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

Settling down and kneeling, it was… difficult not to wag his tail.

“Hokuto-san’s… tail is trembling, isn’t it?” (Chris)

“He’s doing his best, you know? Please pretend that you didn’t see it.” (Emilia)

…That part was found out.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation)


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